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  • Rana Abdelhalim and Sophie Gregoire-Mitha

Disorder or Diversity?

In our society, diversity, in terms of race and religion, is being celebrated more often. Unfortunately, neurodiversity is often overlooked. In neurodiversity, neurological differences, such as ADHD and autism are not considered disabilities, instead they are viewed as just variations in the human brain. Accepting neurodiversity can have a real impact on children with autism or ADHD as it allows them to view their condition as a different ability rather than a disability which is a term that often feels limiting, improving a child’s confidence as a result. Although, the concept of neurodiversity is not always as accepted since many children with ADHD and autism are labelled as disabled, neurodiversity is becoming more and more mainstream. For instance, the show “The Good Doctor” portrays the main character, Dr. Shaun Murphy, who is autistic, in a positive light, as it celebrates his intelligence and views his condition as a different ability instead of a disability. Although not entirely realistic, the show’s message is a good example of the acceptance we need to have in our society towards people with different abilities and how we need to give everyone an equal opportunity to succeed.


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