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  • What is UOHS about and how does it stand out from other healthcare events?
    UOHS is the University of Ottawa’s largest undergraduate conference, 2021 marks our 11th year of hosting the event. We have curated a list of diverse and interesting speakers who are experienced in the healthcare field. Highlights include Dr. Vera Etches, the Medical Officer of Health for Ottawa Public Health and Dr. Gigi Osler, who specialises in head and neck surgery and actively volunteers in Africa to train other surgeons. Our goal is to not only focus the medical side of healthcare, but all aspects including engineering, politics, ethics, environment, and research. Unlike other healthcare events, you will not only be able to listen to speakers, but also network with industry professionals, participate in interactive panels, and be entered in raffles & giveaways.
  • Where will the seminar series be held?
    Due to the pandemic, this year’s seminar series will be held completely online. We will be using the platform HeySummit integrated with Zoom to hold the event. This will allow us to register attendees, organize breakout rooms and perform live recording.
  • Why purchase the full access package?
    The package grants complete unlimited access to all 6 seminars and events (interactive panel, elevator pitch competition, raffles). It will give you flexibility in choosing which seminars you are interested in and available to attend. You will also be given a signed certificate of participation; a delegate package and be entered in all raffle entries for seminars you attend.
  • I bought my ticket, what happens next?"
    Upon purchasing your ticket, you will be registered onto our list of attendees, depending on whether you bought the full access package or single access package. Keep an eye out for an email in the future detailing the steps on how to access the seminar series. We look forward to seeing you!
  • How will attending this event improve my resume?
    The seminar series will host a multitude of professional and experienced speakers from varied areas of the healthcare field. It is a great opportunity to expand your network and learn about new emerging parts of the field. Participants will be given a certificate of participation signed by the Vice Dean of Science from the University of Ottawa, showing potential employers your initiative and interest in healthcare.
  • How do I qualify for the signed certificate?
    To qualify you must attend all 6 online seminars. This is to ensure active participation and keen interest in healthcare.
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