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UOHS 2022 Keynote Speakers

Check out the keynote lineup we have this year! These amazing and inspiring speakers are the cornerstone of UOHS 2022.


Dr. Christopher Labos
Cardiologist and Medical Journalism Freelance Writer

MD; MSc-Associate Professor at McGill University; cardiologist with a degree in epidemiology

Dr. Christopher Labos holds a Masters degree in epidemiology from McGill University and currently serves as a cardiologist in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is also involved as an Associate in the “McGill Office for Science and Society”, an organization focused on the promotion of scientific information to the public, educators, and students in an accurate fashion. Dr. Labos is greatly involved in the community where he actively works on demystifying fake news and clarifying new research findings in the media. He is a medical journalism freelancer and runs the podcast known as “Body of Evidence” tackling misinformation concerning health and medicine. As a freelance journalist, Dr. Labos has written articles covering topics ranging from COVID-19 vaccines to the impacts of consuming avocados on cholesterol. He has contributed to the Montreal Gazette and CJAD 800 Radio Station, and has also appeared on CBC Radio and CBC Television.

Dr. Emilio I. Alarcón
Principal Investigator at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute 

PhD; Associate Professor in the Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Ottawa

Dr. Emilio I. Alarcon is a Scientist in the Division of Cardiac Surgery and Director of the Bio-nanomaterials Chemistry and Engineering Laboratory at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. He is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Ottawa. Dr. Alarcón’s lab is in the Research Centre of University of Ottawa Heart Institute. His lab is affiliated with the Biomaterials and Regenerative Research Program in the Division of Cardiac Surgery. Dr. Alarcón’s lab works on the development and characterization of bio-inspired hybrid nanomaterials and new technologies, including 3D bioprinting and biomedical devices, for regenerative therapies. The technologies developed in Dr. Alarcón’s lab target the rehabilitation of failing organs and tissues with poor regenerative capabilities like infarcted heart muscle, cornea, and skin in patients with reduced vascularization (e.g., diabetic foot patients). He is also the founder of BEaTS Research Radio, a podcast and Youtube channel that aims to communicate science research to the community, and Curiosity Capsules, a series exploring how scientific curiosity serves as an engine for developments in science and engineering.

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